Is your current kitchen driving you nuts? The last time you visited a friend, did you leave their kitchen green-eyed? That new island and those shaker style cabinets would look so great in your home, not to mention the clever storage.

These days, we’re spending more and more time at home, so chances are if your old kitchen is cramped, outdated, and cluttered, you’re starting to notice the cracks! The kitchen is the heart of the home after all, so of all the rooms in our house we use the kitchen most for cooking, eating, and entertaining. Many of us have kids completing homework at the kitchen table, and some are working from home.

Sounds like it’s time to think about a new kitchen. And the good news is that there has never been a better time to remodel. With many benefits to updating your kitchen, let’s take a closer look.

  1. Functional

A cluttered and cramped kitchen is hardly the perfect place to whip up family meals, and it’s just not suited to your family’s needs. Maybe you are running out of space for food, and now your counters are cluttered. Perhaps you dream of a place to display your glass wear and a nice neat wine rack. Could you be a talented baker, but those tins and pans are spilling out of every drawer? One day, you’ll find all of the matching lids for that impressive Tupperware collection, we believe in you. But for now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable kitchen that functions, tailored to your needs?

  1. Stylish

Maybe you chose those cabinets, back in the day, and thought they were the business. But as the years pass, the fading color and tired style is looking pretty shabby. Maybe the wear and tear of a busy family kitchen is taking its toll. Perhaps the kitchen cabinets came with the house when you bought it, and you haven’t had the time or funds to tackle them. Whatever the reason for making the change, you’ll enjoy pouring over the wide choice of color, style, and layout options.

  1. Spacious

When you’re preparing a meal, some elbow room wouldn’t go amiss. All of that chopping, stacking of dirty dishes, and weighing of ingredients requires space, and many kitchens are lacking in that department. Imagine the difference that more counter space would make, along with some smart storage. With a kitchen remodel, you’ll be spreading out those recipe books, wondering how on earth you coped with that last cramped kitchen. Additional space means you’ll save time and be more efficient in the kitchen.

  1. Value

A new kitchen is an investment. Not only will a new kitchen add to the enjoyment of your home, but it will also add to its value. When you eventually choose to sell your home, the realtor will note a new kitchen with a smile, knowing that it adds thousands of dollars to the value of your home, and makes it sell faster. Potential buyers imagine themselves hosting dinner parties and preparing Thanksgiving dinners. Let them picture themselves in a stylish kitchen rather than making a list of all the things they’d love to change.

Time for a new kitchen

OK, so you’re sold on the benefits of a new kitchen. You’d love to be preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a more functional, modern, beautiful space. But you’re worried that you can’t afford it. Get in touch, and we will walk you through our showroom to talk you through the stylish, functional, and surprisingly affordable kitchen choices.